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From the busy bee to the sleepy frog...

This week we decided to share the littlest creatures in our garden in Knysna.

We absolutely love spring and all the flowers are blooming in our garden, which means we have all sorts of interesting little visitors.

The first little visitors were the bees, we were watching them zoom in and out, and found it fascinating how well they were flying in all kinds of weather conditions. So, we decided to do some research and found a very interesting study on the bee's ability to fly with different loads ie. nectar or pollen. Nectar is stored in a kind of pre-stomach, which is slurped up by a bee's long tongue, whilst pollen is stored into "pollen baskets" found on the back legs. But what does this have to do with flight you ask? Well the study shows if the bees have weighted legs they are more stable in flight when a breeze is knocking them about, and they are more able to zoom through the air when weighed down only with nectar. If you interested in this check out these two links

We were also very lucky to capture our beloved reed frog being very sluggish in his attempt for a bite to eat.

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