Lit up...

Some beautiful drone shots of Simon's Town, Roman Rock lighthouse, Kommetjie & Slangkop lighthouse situated in the Western Cape.

Simon's town is situated in the Western Cape and is home to the South African naval base. It is located on the shores of False Bay. It's also home to a colony of African Penguins who can be spotted more closely at Boulders beach or occasionally crossing the main roads.

Roman Rock light house is the only South African lighthouse that is built on a single rock in the middle of the ocean. Located in False Bay near Simon's Town, it has a very distinctive adjoining feature... a private helipad, used to ferry supplies for the nautical guardian. Originally lighthouse keepers lived here with their assistants in isolation, surrounded by the rising water mark.

Kommetjie is a small seaside village not to far from Simmon's Town near Cape Town. It's nestled between Slangkop Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean. Kommetjie's long beech runs northward to Chapman's Peak and Noordhoek. Slangkop lighthouse is near Kommetjie. It has been burning bright since 1914, but was only completed in 1919 due to the First World War, and became fully automated in 1979. The towers light can shimmer 33 nautical miles out to sea.

See full video below.

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