Soweto on a bike...

Faced with the lockdown and being isolated at home, made us all a little crazy. So,

as soon as the restrictions lifted we went in search of things to do that were Covid safe.

We found Lebo's Soweto Backpackers who offer tour experiences from a different vantage point, plus you get to travel and experience the historical site of Soweto. We wanted to try one of his unique tour, so we joined him on one of the bicycle tours he offers.

If you not a biking enthusiast don't work you can to it on foot or take a Tub Tuk tour. Tourist flock to Soweto for these tours, so we do hope the borders open up real soon. In the mean time we can all support our local entrepeneuars.

Check out his ZAmazing story below.

He can be found and the below address and social media links.

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