We are bush crazy...

We are often invited to Tswalu Nature Reserve to capture the latest animal activities. Here are some of our highlights.


You will always spot these small birds at the local watering hole. African Jacana or Grootlangtoon seem to walk on water. Their nickname "Jesus birds" suggests that this is the case, but they technically walk on floating vegetation, which gives the impression that they are walking on water, giving them another nickname the "lily-trotters".

Zebra crossing!

This beautiful creature is an Aardvark. They look a bit like a pig, with rabbit-like ears and a kangaroo like tail, yet they are not related to any of these animals. In fact, one of their closest living relatives is an elephant.

If your driving with your window open, you will often hear this noisy little bird. The northern black korhaan also known as the white-quilled bustard, is a species of bird in the bustard family. It feeds mainly on insects, such as termites, grasshoppers and beetles, but it also eats plant products, such as seeds.

The African wild dog, also called the painted wolf or Cape hunting dog. These inquisitive little pups are venturing outside exploring and playing.

Porcupines are large rodents with coats of sharp spines, or quills, that protect against predators attacks. Some species have approximately 30,000 quills, and cannot throw their quills as previous thought. When feeling threatened it tenses up and swats its tail, embedding quills in the predator. Each quill has a topical antibiotic, so a porcupine attack will not necessarily lead to an infection. This is, however, a defence mechanism to prevent accidental self-quilling.

There is nothing more pleasing and rewarding than watching the sun set at the end of a long week or a tough day. Isn't this just to stunning, we love our South African sun sets.

The closer you look at the Jackal the more captivating they become and they seldom get the attention they deserve on a Big Five safari. They are highly vocal and are known for their calls in the early evening, answering each other until a beautiful chorus develops.

We love these elegant creatures. Did you know even though giraffe's necks are super long, they are too short to reach the ground.

Pangolins are one of the most adorable, unique and interesting animals in the World.

White-backed vultures have a very important role in the ecosystem. By removing animal remains, these scavengers clean up the environment, helping to prevent diseases from spreading.

We spotted these cheetah slowing down to take in a good meal. Unlike lions or hyenas, cheetah have poor night vision and prefer to hunt in the day.

They are the only big cat in the feline family that cannot roar. Cheetahs vocalise through a loud purr similar to domestic cats. In addition, they make a unique bird-like sound called a “chirrup” when excited or calling their cubs.

Cheetahs are easy to recognise from the other big cats with their spotted coats, characteristic “tear stripes” from the corner of the eyes as well as their lean, long-legged build which is manufactured for speed.

The watering hole is a common meeting place for African Animals. We spotted a variety of thirsty visitors. Our cast include:

1. Black-backed Jackal 2. Warthogs 3. Kudu's 4. Impala

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